How To Make Your Own Electricity – Which Option is Best For You?

make my own electricity - 3 options for doing it yourself

Making Your Own Electricity Can Reduce Energy Costs

When it comes to fueling your home with non-traditional, green sources of homemade energy, there are essentially three options for making your own electricity: wind power, solar power and magnetic energy. In this article, we’ll take a brief look at each of them.

DIY Wind Turbines

Wind has been used as a source of energy for hundreds of years but, until recently, it was not considered a viable, long term, energy solution. However, with upward pressure on energy prices and new advancements in technology, wind generator kits and DIY wind turbine guides have made wind power accessible to the mainstream consumer.

Depending on the size of your pocketbook, you can purchase a commercial grade wind turbine for a few thousand dollars or, if you are looking to do it on a budget, you can build your own wind generator, either constructing some of the components yourself or purchasing all of the parts locally or online and assembling them. In either case, wind power is a good option for homeowners looking to make their own electricity, particularly in coastal climates where there is little sun for solar power generation. For more on how to make your own electricity by harnessing the power of the wind, check out our article on DIY Wind Turbines or, for a comprehensive guide on DIY wind turbine construction, visit

DIY Solar Power

Modern solar power generation has been around since the 1950′s. However, much like wind generation, it wasn’t really a practical alternative for commercial and residential use until much later. These days however, the demand for home solar power has exploded and so have the options available to the average consumer who wants to make their own electricity. Commercially made solar power units typically start at around a thousand dollars and go up from there while a DIY solar energy system can be constructed for just a couple hundred dollars.

Solar power generators are most efficient in climates that get a decent amount of sun throughout the year although they can be fitted with devices that store energy on sunny days for later use when the sky is overcast. For more on how to make your own electricity with the sun, check out our article on DIY Solar Energy.  If you are in the market for a good, comprehensive guide on creating your own home solar panel system, check out

DIY Magnetic Electricity

Magnetic power generation is one of the most recent developments in sustainable home energy. Magnetic electricity generation works by using the repelling forces of magnets placed opposite each other to drive a circular plate. Attached to the central core of the spinning mechanism is a belt which is, in turn, connected to an electrical generator, thus creating an electrical current which can be used to charge a bank of batteries and, in turn, provide usable electrical power for your home.

The advantage to magnetic power generation over wind and solar power is that it does not rely on weather conditions to generate electricity. However, creating a magnetic electricity generator is generally considered a more difficult project to tackle than building a home wind generator or DIY solar panel system. Therefore, unless you are particularly skilled at do-it-yourself projects, wind and solar power are likely your best bets.  For a complete guide on how to make your own electricity through magnetic energy, we recommend that you take a look at

No matter what method you choose to make your own electricity, tackling a do it yourself home energy project is not only satisfying work but can provide you with a great source of cheap energy for many years to come.

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